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Standard First Aid & Emergency Courses

To provide candidates with the knowledge required to manage an emergency situation effectively with the aim of preventing situations from becoming worse and maintaining life until help arrives.

This qualification is aimed at those who wish to become first aiders in the workplace. Candidates will develop the skills and knowledge needed to deal with a range of first aid situations.

With so many types of First Aid Training courses available, we have broken them down into groups to make the selection easier. 


For any work place with 6+ employees that are required by WSIB. 


The standard First Aid course for candidates who want to be prepared.


1 Day course for certified candidates that required a 2 year extension.


1 Day course for candidates who require certification in core First Aid components.

Charity & NFP Rates: As part of our commitment to making essential First Aid Training more accessible, 1 Apex offers subsidized rates for charities and not-for-profit organizations. If you think your team could benefit from our corporate onsite training, Contact Us today to find out more.

Helpful Information

Common questions & facts about First Aid.

Legal stuff around cancellations etc.

WSIB policy on First Aid Training.

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